Review by G.T.F.O. Changed My Life on Shannan Johnson

I have had stomach issues since I can not remember. I ordered this product not knowing what it could actually do for me. It's a zeolite tincture that removed heavy metals and toxins while balancing your pH levels. Heavy metals are stored in fat cells! So when we detox metals out, the fat goes with it.

Almost immediately, I started getting results from this product. Who knew just 10 little drops daily made such a difference. No more bloated stomach issues. I have even lost weight since starting my journey. It has to be one of the best detox products that I have tried and believe me I have tried a lot over my 52 years.

It is brown in color, but there is absolutely no taste at all. I highly recommend this heavy metal detox to anyone needing to detox, but especially people with gut issues.

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