Review by George Storm on Crowd1


What is Crowd1? Is it scam or not?
In July, 2020 myself and my friends invested thousands of dollars, based on the information that was presented to us by so called friend. Promising great return only in few months. When the payout was supposed to happen, we found out that it was only a scam lie to get us involved with Crowd1. Obviously, we all lost the investment.
Crowd1 is claiming that has number of great products, that can make you money. These are garbage and none of the products can earn you much. Actually, it’s only a hype to justify revenue to Crowd1 for external regulators. For ordinary members to promote, and sell these products it’s not worthwhile.
The only way to make money with Crowd1 is engage other people to join, and to buy one the packages that Crowd1 offers. The prices vary from White package 99 Euros to Titan for 2499 Euros. They also periodically offer special promotion in discounted prices to engage more paid members.

I made information page explaining why.
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