Review by george thompson on Caujuan Mayo

I don't need a whole book to describe Caujuan ! I have been watching this dude from the sidelines ( on the fence like a idiot )for a few years now in different opportunities that he has been involved in and I've noticed one great quality about him in all of the biz opps he has been involved in . And that is he really gives a lot of his knowledge and time trying to pull everyone that joins any venture that he's involved with up the success ladder with him . And he only gets involved with legitimate opportunities and I wished that I would have jump on his bus along time ago instead of letting the bus pass me by every time . And it was mostly because of the long hours I put in at work and not having enough time to go on the calls or webinars . Well this time i finally hopped on the 7Kmetals bus and no matter how long it takes, I am gonna ride on it until the wheels fall off or until Caujuan says it's time to change to another bus because he has found one faster .

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