Review by Gerry and Sallie Hasson on LegalShield

With MLMs, people always challenge the quality of products versus the competition. It always an uphill battle comparing their products with those offered by hundreds of other companies. But, LegalShield has no competition & the cost of membership is immediately appreciated by everyone.

Everyone recognizes how great it would be to have the services of an attorney whenever needed included in the cost of a $1-per-day membership. Not only for those major legal challenges that may or may not ever pop up but also to deal with all of life's daily frustrations that creep into our lives with great regularity.

Most MLMs require a huge financial investment in product called "front loading". But with LegalShield, the only investment is a small, one-time sign-up fee of $99 and the monthly membership fee for their legal and identity theft plans.

With other MLMs, money is made after a giant downline is formed. But, if people don't make money fast, they lose their enthusiasm & quit. Because of LegalShield's "advanced" compensation plan, a 6-figure income is likely with a team of only 30 Associates marketing an average of only 1 membership per week. This is why people are attracted to joining LegalShield.

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