Review by Gigetta Spear on Kuvera Global

Great Company, we have learned so much in regards to Financial Stability and growing our income. So much we never learned growing up from our parents or in school. We are just regular people who have now changed our lives for the better. We no longer sweat the breakdowns of large home appliances (had the ac and freezer go out within a week of each other). We no longer wonder can we afford this when we want to go and visit our children who live up to 16 hours away from us. Totally life changing. We have a retirement back that was lost in 2008 due to the recession.
We have been with Kuvera for a year, spent 6 months keeping it to ourselves, then decided everyone deserved this same chance we have. So now we tell everyone. Kuvera is a family of people who wish to make sure everyone succeeds no matter what or how big their dream.
We are so much better for taking our leap of faith. The leadership we have is beyond anything I have seen or heard anywhere.

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