Review by GIRACOIN FRAUD! on GiraCoin

I can't imagine this people is still deceiving people of the future of giracoin. Any crypto project that is genuine is listed on the exchange. We need our money. Stop rating non-existent value to giracoin. If your real put giracoin on the exchange. People are already tired of your daily deceit. Why is human being so wicked like this?

Gian Carlo Collenberg, why are you guys so wicked and still collecting money from innocent people. your people have ripped millions/billions of dollars from people all over the world; and you are not still satisfied.

All these stories and lies you continue to tell below, are you not tired?
Liquidity and split ownership
Real estate has long been considered an illiquid asset, as sales take time to conclude. This is not the case with cryptocurrencies and tokens, as they can be easily exchanged for fiat currencies through exchanges. Thus, by turning this market to the crypto world and being tokens, real estate could be traded conveniently and facilitate access to liquidity. In this way, a seller would not have to wait for a buyer to pay for the property in full to have some value.

Thank you.

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