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I have registered for some time now and I am very satisfied with my income and my products because in Iran I earn in dollars but I spend in Rials, it is an exceptional and great opportunity for us Iranians and the products are very practical. There are a bunch of failed people, but let's remember that the person himself is very important in any work. The first one was my brother, who is now out of the system, but I stayed and grew and got his commission, his product, and his success. But my brother says It doesn't answer, and he was right, it doesn't answer. In the words of Henry Ford: He who says it can and he who says it can't both are right, it will work for the first and it won't for the second. I wanted it, but my brother didn't want it and it didn't happen. So this business is not a problem. They are human beings. I am grateful to the heads of the company. I am grateful to the founders of the company. I am grateful to all my Upline. I love you. I kiss your hand.

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