Review by Håkon Lykke on Tobias Vermund

I met Tobias late summer 2021 for the first time, since then we have gotten to know each other better through joint trips and online.
I see a man who is hungry, dedicated and does things with all his heart. He really wants others to succeed.
I know what obstacles he has had on the way here and I am impressed by his will to continue. He inspires so many by being who he is, he is a leader who leads by example. He invests a lot of time in duplication, which is very smart, he creates websites, videos and his own training calls so that we can all grow together as a team. I am very happy to have Tobias on my team and to learn from him. Personally, I've had to come to terms with my own ego, because Tobias is quite a bit younger than me, but I've gotten over that stage and think he's a fantastic leader from whom I've learned a lot.

His dedication and faith cannot be changed, so you can either stay with him or move for the train that is coming. We are Be!

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