Review by Hazni Ergun on ShopWithMe

I was 25 banker. My day ended up having 14 hours. I didn't see my family anymore and it cost me a part of my health. When I learned about the innovative company Shopwithme, this gigantic market of the future, I immediately wanted to be part of it. I knew I had the chance to be part of the first company of this kind in the world in the biggest and fastest growing market of the future and I had the unique chance to get shares in the company, so I thought you have to be part of it. Six months later I can say it was the best decision of my life. I have worked for other network companies before. But with no other I have earned so much money so quickly as I did with Shopwithme. It was partly so much that I thought at the beginning they have miscalculated! I get paid on time every week and that gives me and my family a security that we never had before. I thank Shopwithme and the CEO Christian Wiesner for this opportunity!!!!

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