Review by Heather Casillas on Wealth Generators (Kuvera)

I was very blessed to have been introduced to Wealth Generators. Never before had I been taught how to invest my money instead of simply save it, which let’s face it, won’t secure us when ready to retire. With the products, education and leadership, I have been able to financially invest in multiple different avenues to set my family up in the future financially. The greatest thing about Wealth Generators is the absolute transparency the company has, no other company out there is willing to all profits as well as losses. The structure of the company is unmatched and provides the average person the ability to invest in the financial markets with very little capital to start. I actually had been with a prior company where I had a business. I had to sell or refer people to the business in order to make any money. Needless to say I made no money even after 9 months. From the time I funded my accounts using the services I saw returns. Past performance is not indicative of future results but through the complete transparency of the company and proper risk management, you can see that history repeats itself. I am so blessed to have finally found the right vehicle to build a financial wall around me and my family. Thank you to Wealth Generators founders and everyone on the team for all they do for the business partners and customers.

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