Review by Hermine on Minzifa Fadeeva

Minzifa Fadeeva is one of the best MLM leaders I know.
She is knowledgeable, smart and highly professional.
She thoroughly knows the marketing plan and is well versed in business
She is a great organizer.
The events organized by Minzifa are held at a high level and contribute to the development of the Company
She has received a lot of awards from Management
The President himself listens to her words, because he is sure that Minzifa studies the issue in detail before turning to him.
But that's not all!
Minzifa is an honest, decent, experienced business woman.
She can find a common language with any person.
She resolves disputes delicately and gently.
She knows how to admit her mistakes and quickly correct them.
The team of Minzifa Fadeeva today has more than 10,000 people.
This is a community of like-minded people united by one goal – to do everything for the triumph of their beloved company APL!
And they are doing great!

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