Review by Hernan Lawless on Neumi

Neumi's product technology is far superior.
Steven K Scott is seasoned in business with a track record of Billions of dollars in sales.
Aaron Renard has experience building and running muti national companies
In house HydroStat manufacturing and bottling
Legacy company, built to last a hundred years.
No glitches no red flags.
In-house customer service with a toll-free number and email.
Orders go out on time with a three- or four-day us travel time
Overseas orders handled by
The company is super responsive to the field
Company supplies all the tools plus a CRM app for free
Company keeping up with 30% growth and now bandwidth issues
Company able to keeping up with the growth.
Compensation Plan with passable thresholds to the top
One to one point system with a 50% payout to Members
Leadership Pools starts at low volume levels
My best choice in my 47 years in the industry.

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