Review by Hernan Lawless on Neumi

Neumi's product technology is far superior. Steven K Scott is seasoned in business with a track record of Billions of dollars in sales. The team he has assembled Neumi is a legacy company. From day one which would be February 28th there have been no glitches. The customer service is a in-house customer service with a toll free number and email. I've never had to wait for customer service to pick up the phone. Orders go out on time with usually a three to four day travel time from the time I order the product. The company is super responsive to the field and providing solutions and tools needed to grow our business. Company also provides an app for free that's the best tool I've ever been given. The company has been able to handle the bandwidth even though we've had 30% monthly growth which is something I've never experienced in the industry. It's amazing there has been no growing pains with the company keeping up with the growth. This is the first time in 47 years I can actually see myself passing through all the thresholds of the comp plan and getting to the top level.

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