Review by Hiram Bastida on QuiAri

I found out about QuiAri from a friend earlier this year, I was surprised because 2 months after launch it was already at # 35 on BFH. I asked myself? How is this possible?! I said I have to belong to this movement if or if.
We decided to take advantage and take this great company to Mexico.
Without a doubt Bob Reina who is the owner, is a born leader, is a genius and knows how to lead the business to success.
The products are great, they are exactly as advertised. The smoothies are delicious, rich, smooth to taste and leave you satisfied and full for many hours.
As for the energy pills, they give a lot of energy and resistance. My friends and I who practice crossfit, enjoy these great products!! Quiari does not stop there.
Where else on the planet do you get paid to try, love and share? In addition, both promoters and clients, we receive free products month after month!! And best of all, they pay us the same day, in less than 1 minute our payment is already reflected!!.
QuiAri is undoubtedly a dream come true!!

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