Review by HotepJollyP on Kimberle London

Kimberly London is a Ntress with a heart of gold, her quest for success and upward financial mobility is phenomenal.

She brings innergy, innercitement, innerthusiasm, creativity to all she does.

She has a passion to help and will go the extra mile to help in the success of others in the giving of her time, talent and skills. She will go to meet the people where they are on the streets, in the mall, in the trenches, in the hotels etc!

She is honest and truthful in what she says and displays.

She is a quite dedicated and committed individual who is not near sighted but has long range sight for success.

She also exudes confidence in her abilities and overall demeanor!

Anyone who gets her service in whatever form should consider themselves in good favour with a phenomenal malanated carbonated Queen and Ntress.


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