Review by Ilene Alexandria Edwards on Tanya Prince

Sometimes you can give the utmost praise to someone deserving of accolades; accolades that may run the gamut, indeed.

You may feel one word should more than suffice. You get a gnawing sense that an additional word may tamper and/or mute the simplicities or complexities of a word.

For me, the word is simple yet powerful; it's GRATEFUL. It ushers its way to the forefront of my mind without delay. My priority is to express gratitude often and work hard to fulfill the vision seen for me. As a result; it fortifies the belief & vision I see for myself.

• Communication skills = above-par. She ensures clarity is evident. I've seen her remedy a situation; quite expeditiously, mind you. All the while; integrity of all parties remained consistent and prevailed.
It's something in which she takes pride.

• Tanya has the ability to strategize & project the scope of future business endeavors.

• To have balance, you must be unbiased. It provides its importance while toggling the ideas and personality traits among her team.

• Tanya procures the embodiment of constructive criticism. All things have the betterment of herself, her team, and the company; as a collective, in mind.

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