Review by Imelda Ignacio on Opulence Global

The best company I've been. A CEO who is hand's on. He is a visionary. The company, compensation plan, a social media platform, dropshipping, organic products. What else will I ask for? Products that are thoroughly researched, with our exclusivity. A compensation plan that pays more than 70% to the partners
Int'l binary, with 13 ways to earn.The intl partners helping each other out. I've never encountered a company like Opulence Global! The support system of everybody. What they say that it's global, I can say yes. For, I am experiencing it now. Downlines/partners in other countries. ZOOM calls in 30 presentations a week in different languages! Always innovating! The Canadian corporate staffs and our partners handlings int'l offices, they are doing very good! Indeed, we are a family here! 1 team, 1 dream to the Billions!

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