Review by Innocent Rubuye on Nuru Radjabu

Nuru is a true mentor who lead by examples. His motivation is to see people succeeding in life. He is available and ready to support regardless of the time you call him.

His recent trip to Africa cleared our doubts and restored our trust in MLM industry after many of us being disappointed by ponzy and pyramid schemes.

I am grateful he is my coach and mentor and helps me with different perspectives and keep pushes me out my comfort.

I believe Network Marketing is the best industry because it gives us access to mentorship and coaching that are very difficult and expensive to find in real life. The quality of the company will always be demonstrated by the quality of Leadership on corporate levels and its affiliates. The best leaders help their team grow and overcome life circumstances until they achieve success and that’s what I see in Nuru Radjabu as true giver.

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