Review by Iqbal Ali on QNet

QNET offers one of the simplest and most powerful compensation plans out there. There are several points why I chose to go with it instead of some of the more popular USA companies.
It offers variety – with 60+ company franchises under one umbrella ranging from luxury collectibles and travel to wellness and education. You’re not restricted to selling only one type of product category.
There are no monthly targets. You earn based on sales generated by you or your team.
There are no clean slates at the start of the next month, or quarter. It offers carry forward facility on BV points generated till they are encashed.
No repeated buying and selling. No selling soaps, shampoos, cosmetics again and again and again for the rest of your life! I follow the buy once-in-a-lifetime and refer-two strategy.
Tons of choices: 10 ways to earn. Retail sales, straight line, binary – go with what suits you best.
My personal favourite is the travel segment as it’s something we do + we get better prices than popular sites. Retail customers are often converted when they see the utility of the amazing travel deals. 🙂
Suits me! QNET is the best! 🙂

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