Review by Issya J on Cory Kromray

Dear: Recent paid reviewer…….are you fucking kidding me? The guy that just hangs like a sack from a tree just waiting is just the reason why he's doing that. He's a clueless loser that just tries to suck as many people into his next fag gimmick before attempting to draw more fools in from the previous one. It's an endless cycle. The current stated address he lives in is basically a Trustee's Deed that he tries to operate from an old couple that most likely had to move into a nursing home and he took advantage of that. It's obvious that's why he played that card because the ditsy fake wife of his doesn't know any better and just goes with the flow as long as the pretending life doesn't ever stop….Both have mental problems that Dr. Phil probably can't even solve. Just let the flow of nature's course take it's way and the poor kids end up in an adoption home of some kind Lmao!!!! PS……….fuck you flamers get a fucking job. Have fun with your weekend rentals of cars and boats. Winter is coming

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