Review by J.I.We on 동민 박

Mr. Park is a leader with tremendous leadership who started Crowd 1 in Korea last December and became president in 4 months. He leads the team with generosity, hard-nosed judgment and drive to embrace his partners. a long variety of Korea representing Crowd1 through business experience.
As a leader, he has long experience in business and serves as the group leader of No.1 group in Korea, and with a strong partnership,
Mr. Park, who is a model to others and makes them dream, continues to create a history of Korea's Crowd1 shared economy platform with constant effort and long experience in business. If anyone finds a partner, I'd like to recommend him. Because I know his ability and strong partnership.
His dream is to become an ambassador and to challenge that dream today.
I want to give him a round of applause.

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