Review by J. Mason on Curry Russell

ZERO STAR. I have past experience working with Curry. I say PAST as I would never work with him again. He is incapable of caring about others success, incapable of being a student much less a leader. I & many others experienced first hand how he will, (and has said publicly) go to your social media, contact your friends & recruit them personally. He brags about doing it and is proud of himself. Curry is an arrogant, self absorbed individual, not capable of building a long term successful team with any company. Now pushing a company that is CLEARLY not within the legal parameters of an ethical MLM.
An ethical leader must have ethics, experience proves he lacks ethics in business, & based on recent public posts, also lacks ethics in his personal life.
Toxic is toxic and you will be guilty by association.
I do hope Curry does some self introspection and learns just how badly he hurts people and this industry.

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