Review by Jackie Persaud on iGenius

I am so happy and grateful to have found a platform and team like GC and Igenius. Trading and investing Is a learned skill set, it does not happen overnight it happens overtime! Leveraging market experts combined with financial education Through Igenius’s suite of products can only set you up for success. You have to put time and effort into this skill set. When looking at all of Igenius’s
leader ship it takes consistency dedication and hard work. I am so happy and grateful for my personal development that Igenius’s platform brought out of me. Knowledge can never be taken from you! Igenius’s platform prepares you for success it teaches you to manage make and save your money. It teaches risk management and always claims past performance is indicative of future gains. So to those who did not put in the work and take the time to self develop this is why you scammed yourself. Thank you to all the leaders especially Rick Rowberry, Anthony Napolitano Kaine Harriot, Rakan Khalifa, Afnan Khalifa and Lilly Zaremba. I will meet you at the top, because the bottom is too crowded ❤️💯

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