Review by Jackie Persaud on iGenius

I am so Happy and So Grateful for Igenius Global.

They say "to become a millionaire you need 7 streams of income". I always wondered how this could be done. With this amazing platform, it is possible. Igenius Global is designed, for you to make, manage and save your money. With this financial education platform you can check off, all 7 + streams of income. Leveraging market experts in the Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrency and Commodities/stocks markets you will be set up to learn a skill set for life. Igenius Global also offers an exclusive A.I Bot, which helps filter out the noise of the market activity and delivers maximum efficiency. These are just examples of a couple of streams of income. With so many opportunities on this one platform, financial freedom and time freedom are so realistic to achieve. This is just the product side of this platform. The other side of this platform is the relationships you build within your teams, the organization and most importantly in your communities and around the world.

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