Review by JaMarr John Johnson on iBuumerang

Wow!!! What a ride I've been in the company since April 3rd 2019 and I was extremely skeptical. I let my girlfriend at the time talk me out of building it right away. But unfortunately for me I kept plugged into all of the social media channels, from facebook, to Instagram, to Youtube to Telegram. In my heart, I was all in but in my actions, I was scared because this opportunity felt too good to be true! A business model where customer acquisition was completely free!!! Holy Cow this solves a major problem in the industry! Then on top of that, we only make money when our customers save money!!! This very concept made it extremely simple and easy to obtain 20 customers in just a few days. Also, I'm extremely motivated to be learning directly from one of the top recruiters in the entire company!!! As a digital marketer an insurance man and a paid influencer, I feel hope again in the business model and I am looking forward to helping people with #TeamGoGivers —> It's time to put the work gloves on and build this game-changing company big!!! Can't wait to update this review!

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