Review by James Reilly on Valentus

I never meant to join Valentus. I tried the product to shut someone up because I have no faith in people selling health products. They are always just after your money or monthly autoship. When I tried it, my life was transformed.

Where I am just now, I moved down here so that my family had their family around them when I died. I was told by the Dr’s that my Type 1 Diabetes was that sever that I should start making final plans. Part of that was moving down to the island so that we weren’t alone, more importantly so my wife and kids weren’t alone when I died.

August 2015, that is when I started on the Valentus Products. My review in December was one of the best Diabetic reviews I had ever had since getting Type 1 Diabetes back in Dec 1995. They had no clue to what I was doing and when I told them I was drinking coffee they just laughed at me.

On the Next review I took the coffee in and shared it with them so they could see for themselves what it was and how it worked.

The coffee let me state is NOT a cure or anything. What the coffee allowed me to do was control my hunger, control my mouth and start to eat more responsibly. By doing that I was then able to get better control of my Type 1 Diabetes and that gave me more control over my weight and the way I was going down hill.

We are now in July 2017 and I still drink my Coffee everyday, not only that but I am using all the products now and I am now starting to plan for a Future that I honestly believed that I never had, infact NO ONE believed I ever had.

If you are thinking about it, DO IT, if you are tempted DO IT. You don’t need to be overweight or fat to use the products.

I gave this product a 5 Star Rating because of what it has done for me.

How bad to you want it?

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