Review by James wharehinga on Mereana Wilson

Mereana is the eldest of us 8 kids.
We had no dad, so she helped our mum bring us up at a young age, during these times we looked up to our big sister as our leader, she was always there when mum needed, controlling and guiding in our education, teaching us about nature and how to look after the planet and animals , teaching us how to be independent, and how to survive, we all knew she would be good at what she puts her hands to, watched her grow and lcreate different careers for herself one of them was her talent to entertain by singing and looking after visitors.always smiling and positive in her actions x but if you cross her be aware she doesn’t go back , she’s always moving forward.
She always taught us, if you make mistakes in the past learn by them to benefit you and don’t repeat
Proud of you big sister love you 😍

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