Review by JamesB on Driven Trading

I don’t usually do these reviews, not certain who reviews these sites for accuracy, or just plain ole sour grapes, looks like a few incompetent sour grape reviews here (any documentation to support claims?).

After spending my money on other ‘systems’, automated signals that were always late, and zero education, I’m very blessed to have discovered Driven Trading Academy and the very ethical leadership team, including CEO Cory Kromray, who continually works tirelessly improving Driven, for us the students. I dove into the nearly 100 recorded courses, the super convenient LIVE trading sessions, with our educators trading their personal live, real money, not demo accounts; unlike the bogus “gurus” using the chart replay feature, to ‘teach’. I’ve had great, documentable success intra-day trading, utilizing the knowledge and skills I’ve gained. Sure, I’ve lost a few trades, everyone will, anyone who tells you otherwise, RUN! My losses were my fault, a few were from market manipulation. To gain successful knowledge and the skills to utilize that knowledge, you won’t find a more ethical Trading Academy out there, not to mention the extremely low cost, and incredible value, Driven Trading Academy is.

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