Review by Janssen on iGenius

I was looking for ways to make an extra source of income online during COVID because my full-time job wasn't enough to secure my monthly needs and upon stumbling into IGenius and its community; I've been able to utilize everything the company has to offer and it got my attention the most especially learning the skillsets I needed to learn more about trading and investing.

As someone who has no background knowledge and experience needed to get involved in trading, the platform teaches you the whole basic and advanced level and it's so simple for brand new people to understand the concepts. Throughout my journey, I've been able to make multiple sources of income with the prior knowledge I've gained and the help of our beautiful community which has the strived mission to become more financially independent and decisions wisely without having to worry about money daily.

I'm happy and grateful to say that being part of IGenius is the reason why I want to strive further in life along with our community Just learning and growing on a daily basis makes my life even more fruitful than it has ever been.

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