Review by Jaroslav Ptacek on Tycoon 69

Well done … keep going … the best opportunity in MLM under roof of unique combination with COMMUNITY MARKETING + MOBILE BANKING! First time in MLM history!

Tycoon69 is the first company to sponsor an ICO in which the resulting coin is owned by a bank ready to offer its services on a global block-chain basis.
What big fintechs are still developing is already here as a finished concept.
Only in this way can a coin find its market and become accepted as a means of payment.
It does not matter on how many exchanges a coin is represented. This only leads to speculation turnover, but not to a real market acceptance of a currency as a means of payment.
This is the open secret to the success of Tycoon69, which can barely meet the needs of the financial market after the revolutionary features of blockchain technology are well known.
Tycoon69 is successfully leading the currently most successful crypto scene ICO worldwide.

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