Review by Javier Lee Alejandro on Martin Ruof

A mentor of mentors! Global leader, trainer, builder visionary. Martin possesses almost two decades of industry success. He has been directly responsible for building teams of multiple thousands as well as creating many successful leaders earning life-changing residual income. Martin is a force to be reckoned with in the network marketing industry. Being a part of Martin's team is nothing shy of a blessing. He is a man who fears God; he is a father and husband to yet another icon in the network marketing industry Jessica Ruof, a power couple if I have ever seen one. This couple is worthy of admiration on so many levels. Martin is respected in this industry for being one of the few to reach such remarkable levels of financial freedom. I will personally follow Martin and Jessy Ruof because, for over ten years, I have observed them be the most consistent and integrity drivel leaders I have ever seen.

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