Review by Jay Shaquile on Issa Bakayoko

One of the ways i define a leader is someone who has mastered the art of understanding! And truth be told Issa epitomises just that. My relationship with Issa goes back to few years ago after i randomly added him on Facebook and i followed him in every of his moves. The rest is History! I am blessed to be part of his amazing Validus team that he is building and we are only getting started! Issa is a wealth of knowledge in the network marketing industry and rubbing shoulders with someone like him has only enhanced my own acumen and belief in this industry which is sometimes tainted by the wrong actors. Furthermore Issa displays a high level of professionalism in everything that he does and his mentorship which i have the privilege to benefit from is second to none. Congratulations for everything you have achieved so far but bigger and greater success lies ahead and together as a team we will win!

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