Review by Jaybee Bagunu on Javier García-Herreros

I am in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. It was an absolute pleasure having Javier come here over this past weekend to give my leadership team exclusive training; along with being our event's guest speaker the following day. Not only is he a generous person offering amazing wisdom and tips, he doesn't benefit anything at all financially investing his time travelling all the way here from Colombia. It just goes to show the kind of integrity and intention he has!

He kills it with all of our digital products in Be as well. Knowledge and excited each time he speaks about any aspect of being a customer of our beautiful eco-system of apps, while also showing the value in the affiliate/referral side of it too.

The fact that he was #1 on the Top 30 enrollers chart (of BE) in Dec 'til now is astounding.
An absolute honor to have been on the same chart with him during my first month, that same month, as #26.

We are already applying his new teachings with our team, I am so excited for all of us and to keep growing along the way.

Muchas gracias, Javier! We appreciate you immensely.

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