Review by Jeff on InCruises

I joined this company with a dream about 3 years ago. Great company great comp plan and high value for their customers. Then they chnage dteh whole comp plan reversing teh gretaness they once had. Earlier customers could use a rising percentage scale the first 5 years of thier account. In otehr words the 1st year a customer could use 60%, 2nd year 70@, 3rd year 80% 4th year 90% and 5th year and beyond 100% of their account balance toward any of tehir cruises available. Now a customer or partner can use 100% of their account balance only up to 50% of teh price of chosen cruise. Way less value for the customer. Once they could recive a FREE cruise now only achive a savings of 50% at the most. Affiliates are also paid way less and its harder to earn the big bucks. The company is a shell of what it used to be. Like so mnay other companys, teh owner listens to the wrong folks an dmakes unnecessary chnages an dthey go from great to just another company out there. A person can recieve way better discounts elsewhere.

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