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Joyce Gimfil is the epitome of action in motion! Her powerhouse personality has enabled her to build a dynamic team of brand partners who have access to an abundance of information and resources at their fingertips, researched, tested and supplied by Joyce alone, to ensure personal and professional growth while helping others.

When help is needed, Joyce is accessible and fast to respond, communicating her vast knowledge and guidance as appropriate. It's easy to step into this (new-to-me) online marketing arena when you have someone guiding you concisely all the way.

Upon meeting Joyce, her passion is contagious and she brings along with it a compassion and empathy that allows space for her constructive feedback and the ability to nurture those learning from her.

Joyce's vision is palpable! It would be difficult to not get caught up in what is a vision for our connected marketing family, and the communities in which we live and work. Health, wealth and the reciprocal sharing of knowledge is paramount for continued growth.

It is an honor to work alongside Joyce.

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