Review by Jenni Schäfer on Lyconet

Network Marketing for me is all about the people and the experiences.
Both of this you will find exactly here with Lyconet.

During my last 5 years working with this company I met a lot of great people. All of them working on one big vision, supporting each other, with the heart in the right place and living the motto "Together we are strong".
There is generosity, trust, believe, vision, warmth, cheerfulness, good-naturedness…

If you really wanna leave a footprint on the planet, there is only two places:
– Education and
– Environmental Protection

The two foundations in the group of companies "Child and Family Foundation" and "Greenfinity Foundation" are committed doing exactly that!
There are 11 schools with more than 3.000 pupils, over 260 wells, 100.000 meals, uncountable bee(hives), and almost 16.000 beneficiaries.
The huge goal is to build and run 1.000 schools.

Even the distributor itself can through his work achieve the build-up of a well, a classroom dedication or a school with the own name on it.
Also a minimum of 10% of the companies profits is donated to this purpose.

Take a look for yourself:

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