Review by Jennifer Murray (Felix) on Enagic USA

I have been an Enagic business builder since April 2016. Prior to this business I was a restaurant manager looking to own a restaurant.

I realized quickly that with traditional business there are a lot of expenses and moving parts to be accountable for. Ie) labour, inventory control, rent and lease, and the endless expenses and headaches that come with running a traditional business.

I have built a massive global team of business professionals around the world and continue to be of service to others.

Every animal, human and plant requires water. And this is the BEST water, plus a patent commission plan, and willable so it can be passed on for generations (to your children)

Enagic has been in business almost 50 years now, with a 500 year vision.

So grateful to be on this journey and able to serve others while helping them fulfill their life long dreams.

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