Review by Jephet Gordon on Epic Trading

Someone once said; "TRAIN them so CAN leave you, but TREAT them so that they WON'T". That's my experience with Epic Trading. The high quality of training is designed to reach everyone at every level. Training in the Forex space is a stand-alone product and develops a lifetime skill. I can see myself in the very near future, being able to trade with such precision that I won't need the company nor any other company. I will be able to reach my financial goals just independently trading. So yes, they do train me so I can leave. Now Epic has such a strong family culture, a simple yet powerful comp plan, an amazing team at the helm and just this overall comforting warmth – something I never once before experienced in the MLM space. Yes definitely, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason why anyone would even consider leaving. It is that warm embrace that is key to retention. I have fallen in love and Epic Trading is the ONE. Yes they do treat me in such way that I won't leave..

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