Review by Jeremiah Roopchan on Kena Bartholomew

Kena, is such an amazing person helped me to transfer funds taught bitcoin and crypto to me paid from his own pocket for transfers. Truly an opportunity to work with Him is not wasted. He doesn't have any bad ways or habits around persons, but if you know kena he loves Steel pan that's his hobby , lol such an amazing person in life and in business. When it comes to being straight forward and getting down to business he leaves no stone unturned in unveiling a plan takes charge with an open willingness to satisfy the needs of his customers first despite a potential lost to himself. It what the banks refer to as On risk, and what I refer to as a kind Caring heart, I can call Kena any hour of the day or night and he is ready to listen to the need, you don't find individuals like him anymore you just don't.

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