Review by Jerri Temple on QSciences

I was introduced to Q Sciences from a friend and Q Max is what is keeping me here. Q max has helped everyone in my family. My 13 year old daughter felt an immediate difference when she started taking Q Max in her down feelings and her mood instability. My 11 year old daughter who has a diagnosis of ADHD was able to come off of her prescription stimulant medication this summer and the Q Max has helped her with her focus and impulse control. My husband and I both feel like we have more energy. The fact thay the minerals, vitamins, and amino acids are chelated make them more bioavailable and absorbable into your system. So you get more bang for your buck. And the B12 and folate are methylated so everyone can absorb these, not just the half of the population that doesn't have the MTHFR genetic mutation. Not all multivitamins/micronutrients are created equal. Q Max is top notch and the 33 independent research studies prove it as well. Do yourself a favor and give Q Max a try.

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