Review by Jessie Vargas on Vida Divina

I had doubts about this product at first, but after trying out the tea i changed my mind. It helped me a lot with my digestive system due to the fact i would eat out alot and my body was not healthy. What the tea did was literally take away my inflammation i felt and had in my organs and cleaned out my system, not going to lie it makes you go to the bathroom alot but that's the tea doing its job getting rid of toxins and unwanted fats. i also tried their lean protein powder along with the ripped capsules it really gave me energy and i daw results immediately. I had to change the way i eat and what i eat to see results as well as ridding of bad habits like drinking for example. Amother product by them i want to try out is their face wash and liquid gold acne cleanser. My cousin tried it out and her skin cleared up super quick , like in a week. All in one i recommend any Vida Divina product it's amazing how different you feel and see it work for yourself.

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