Review by Joan Meese on Style Dots LLC

I signed on as an Independent Boutique Partner shortly after they offered the opportunity, and back in those days, I actually was on a waiting list to receive my Showcase of products. Admittedly, I did very well with my business, growing quite a team under me, and I progressed in rank quickly. However, the 'culture' of the company was overwhelmingly laced with that weird type of religion which claims to care about everyone, but yet they are not very accepting of anyone who may be different or not the stereotypical white married woman with 2.5 kids. The reason I chose to depart from Style Dots though was a combination of what I viewed as business practices that preyed on women (every few months, there is a new catalog, and there are a significant number of discontinued products and new products, and all Boutique Partners are encouraged to buy lots of new product to show potential clients). Also, the quality of the products is just horrible. So many items would arrive damaged, or bracelets wouldn't clasp, just examples. Yes, exchanges could be made, but who has time for that with the prices of the items?

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