Review by Jodi Eisen on Seth Remis

Seth is an all around amazing human being. When I started in Network Marketing, he gave me coaching materials he personally prepared, called me to encourage me, especially when I was going through some major personal challenges, and emailed. Clearly, his vision was to make the world a better place through positive energy, love, belief in one another, and dedicated, driven focus.

He was an excellent communicator in our business, always giving powerful presentations. His business prowess and love of people grew me from a clueless, nervous newbie to a confident speaker getting ready to claim the same stages he spoke from. I have seen him motivate others in many other businesses (many of which he created himself) exactly the same way.

Recently, Seth has created videos to encourage and inspire people to create happier lives, in all aspects. He invites feedback; it's always positive.

While Seth is a gentle force who improves the world daily, and his results are amazing, I am most inspired by his character. My favorite thing about Seth: he helps so many in need, be it a homeless animal or a baby who needs his specific blood type. He's always there!

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