Review by Joe Banuelos on Amway

I ran my business for years. You need to develop your business. No one gives you anything for free. This is the only place
I know if that successful people guide you to the top. You don’t just learn how to sell
you also learn life technic’s and facts the outside world would never show you. Yes
there are failures along the way. You can not succeed without a little hard work. You will find some of the best people in the world working and doing the Amway business. If you don’t try it out for at least
5 years or more you will miss out. I started my own company because if Amway. I my still in my own business after 30 years. Rich De Vos nd Jay Van Andel lead the way to show people how to succeed in this world and the journey
continues. Many have tried to knock down this well build empire. It is debt free
and has many successful people involved.
You may start at the bottom but the support system can not be beat anywhere in the world. Joe Banuelos/ President of CopyPro Technology.

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