Review by Joel ‘jomama’ Morrissette on APL GO

Joined in July of 2020 and absolutely blown away by the company, the product, and the response I'm getting from customers and my growing team! When they say "Right place at the right time" they must have been talking this APLgo opportunity! What are you waiting for? Come join the explosion as we Launch North America on this global expansion.
I have tried over half the anion drops thus far. I incorporate 3-5 varieties into my daily regiment. I absolutely love the BRN to help tackle my tasks as well as improve my focus while enjoying my hobby of Billiards. My occasional heartburn is instantly solved with a drop of ICE! I love to end my day with RLX for a deeper more fulfilled night of sleep.
Adding GRW daily during our current global.pandemic only makes sense for my immune system.

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