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Superlife wolrd is the best company I have come across in the last 3 years.

Superlife TOTAL CARE ( STC30)
Is a revolutionary formation based on the apple and grapes stem cell ( photocell Tec TM), which increases the longetivity of skin cells. Combine with Glisodin R, known as the "Enzyme of life" STC helps to combat oxidative stress and strengthens the body's natural antioxidant system.
The Stem Cells in your body are unspecialized cells with the ability to transform into any one of the 220 plus cells of human body. It has the capacity to rebuild any blood cells, tissues or organs in the body to its normal function.
The science behind the working of STC30 is that as a Stem Cell Activator, it can take any form of the 220 plus cells in the body and blood vessels.
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It has social links to the profile of the company and that of the Management..

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