Review by John McDermott on Jeff Ross

I've come to understand DreamTrips International moreso by Jeff's prompt support.

I've also seen that Jeff has been there for all in our team. Starting out in any offline or online business venture CAN BE a head spin for some yet what I've seen so far with DreamTrips International, very much with Jeff's leadership, I'm certain WE are in for a fantastic journey, excuse the pun.

For me, I've been involved in the network marketing industry for several years. The good, the bad & the ugly (unsustainable) business systems, I've seen them all. The good, the bad & the ugly also applies to the leadership and support by many team leaders/reps in this multi billion dollar global industry. From what I've seen to date, as far as leadership & support, Jeff certainly fits well into THE GOOD.

I look forward to working with Jeff (& all in our team) along with going on many dreamtrips here in Australia & globally for many years ahead.

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