Review by Jorgealberto Saldivarleano on 4Life

For me is the best to help my immune system to be a strong and a smart I personally now David and Bianca lisonbee awesome couple that's why I called this company
In 1998, Founders David and Bianca
Lisonbee embarked on a journey to bring
phenomenal 4Life Transfer Factor®
products to the world. Unlike common
supplements you find in health food stores,
transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals,
or herbs. Instead, they’re peptides that
transfer immune memory and knowledge
from one entity to another.*
The introduction of 4Life Transfer Factor
opened the door for further research,
patented techniques, and a new category
of immune system products that support
health in a different way—by the immune
system, for the immune system. Our
in-house Research and Development
team and Health Sciences Advisory Board
(HSAB), comprised of nutritionists and
medical professionals, continually raise
the standard for modern-day immune
system supplementation and ensure the
cutting-edge quality of our products.*

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