Review by Josef is a LIAR on Driven Trading

A paid review from Kromray or that Koolaid sipping wife Lmao!!! Bunch of phony failure wannabe traders. MLM GARBAGE scam!!! Run away as fast as you can!!! Never heard of anyone that claims to be some big hedge fund manager yet in the years past had nothing to do with the financial markets and only sold scam fruit juice that cured aids and coffee… Anyone else remember Kromray when he was involved in those stupid coffee MLM's. But remember he will try to sell you the idea that he knows what he is doing when it comes to being or attempting to become a successful trader. HE KNOWS NOTHING and just wants to sell you the idea of HOPE. What a clown show! Either way this company is fading away just like the phony cars he used to rent. You could trace the VIN numbers online and it shows when they were listed on a dealership and then he goes to his Vegas butt buddy and tries to drive another car around for a month or 2 until it gets taken away again. Hilarious cycle and pure comedy!!!

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