Review by Joseph Gaefke on Neumi

I have been in MLM companies since 1998, 14 in total. I have been disappointed so many times with the lack of corporate integrity, competence, leadership, etc. in most of them. I was not even looking anymore when I found Neumi. This is the most incredible company I have ever seen or joined. Our products have fundamentally changed my life, the tools and marketing are fantastic, and the compensation and culture are top of the line. We have what I call the “double trifecta.” The first MLM trifecta is an amazing corporate structure and team, super generous and fair compensation, and truly breakthrough products that are better and less expensive than anything out there in our space. The 2nd trifecta is an incredible System with training and tools, perfect timing in the economy and with our products and growth, and an incredible culture and community. Oh yeah, and the bonus, joining is free!! If you ever wanted to believe in what MLM could be again, check out this legacy company!

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